Mrs GG of Surrey – April 2020

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Mrs GG of Surrey – April 2020

Further to the completion of a house purchase in France. I would like to give my thanks to David Barney, who at all times acted in a most professional and caring way, to lead us through the jungle of French laws, the frustrations that ensued, the translation of the language and many other stumbling blocks.

The whole matter took so much longer than we could have ever envisaged, at all times David remained interested, always gave us advice when asked for and was happy to guide us, with our lack of understanding the French ways. David worked with us every step of the way. The whole matter would have been so much more difficult and problematic without David’s constant, amazing patience and empathy.

When completion was imminent, there was yet again a hiccup (which in fact could have destroyed everything that we had already arrived at) with it being close to Easter, it once again was looking a little tenuous. Thankfully David averted the ensuing disaster by going above and beyond what was necessary to make sure that we had a positive outcome on the completion.

Many, many thanks David. It is our belief that without you and your company’s experience, professionalism, caring attitude and fortitude, our experience of purchasing a house in France so much easier. Especially as we never for one moment thought it would be such a minefield. We would not hesitate to recommend David Barney and his company.