John of Chelmsford, Essex – March 2023

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John of Chelmsford, Essex – March 2023

In January 2023 I was in imminent danger of losing the sale of my holiday home in the Perigord Vert, France due to the uninvited intervention of a local Notaire who held the deeds, and invoked a process of Succession under French Law. My wife had died in March 2019 and although her death had been properly registered with the French authorities a previous French Will (Donation entre epoux) created in November 1990 had become invalid by virtue of a new Will in the UK in 2009. The lack of consultation meant that I was unaware of this complication added to which both my sons had no interest in the sale proceeds and were reluctant to deal with the French Notaire.

At this point I sought professional help and via the web was directed to David Barney, a UK Solicitor who specialises in French Succession Law. Following an initial conversation by telephone David agreed to investigate the problem and I provided him with all relevant documents including the property “Title Deed” and the “Donation entre epoux”. David reverted to me within a few days to confirm that he would accept the case and he fully explained his plan of action and outlined in detail his fees and terms and conditions.

The end result included the removal of the local Notaire from the sale process utilising David’s own French Notaire, and liaison with a local Notaire who acted for both buyer and seller. The French Succession requirements were satisfied and the sale was concluded in March 2023. David Barney kept me advised throughout and with his help the buyers were placated at an early stage to ensure that the sale could proceed.

There is no doubt that without the skilled professional help from David Barney I would have lost the sale and I am very grateful for all his hard work in resolving this issue. I would have no hesitation in recommending his specialist services and commend him to clients with similar difficulties.