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Theodore Roosevelt once said “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”.

David Barney very much cares that his clients do not get themselves into trouble when they buy a French property and does all he can to try and see that this does not happen! That is why his clients like what he does for them because they know he really cares. How many other lawyers can be said to feel the same?

David Barney can be contacted directly on 07766095865.  For free discussion of your legal requirements and our ability to satisfy them please complete our contact form and David will get back in touch you.

Barney & Co solicitors have numerous years experience specialising within the legal industry and can draw upon hands on experience of specialising in corporate commercial work.

If you consult Barney & Co. on a legal matter, you can be assured that they will bring to the matter a pro-active approach, with an ability to think laterally upon any matter, particularly when it is necessary to bring a fresh perspective to bear on any problem in order to solve it in a manner where ‘value is added’ to the matter for the client’s benefit.

Barney & Co. does not simply act as a “post office”, passing on its client’s instructions to the opposing solicitor or Notaire. Instead, we attempt to assist the client to find the best solution (legal or practical) to their problem. At times that may require Barney & Co. to stand up robustly against the person advising the other party to the transaction.

However, if we believe our client is making a mistake in relation to a transaction, we will not be reticent to tell our client so – remembering that, at the end of the day, a solicitor’s job is to advise and warn – the final decision must rest with the client.

It is wise to remember that a good lawyer may well be able to save you money – a bad one may cost you a fortune!!

What our clients say…

I would like to take this opportunity, to thank David Barney, of Barney and co, for having worked tirelessly over the last year, to bring closure to my late fathers estate.

My father had left shares in A French bank, and the French made it very difficult every step of the way for my mother, who at the age of 89 , found everything too much to handle.

David kept us informed every step of the way, and his knowledge in French law , and his persistence was the key to being able after so long to bring this to its conclusion. I would highly recommend David to anyone.

Mr WB of Bristol
July 2018
Selling or purchasing a house in France can be a difficult, exasperating and time-consuming exercise. Mr Barney removes all that pressure. He is always available, understands the minutiae of French law with regard to housing and provides a level of support and assistance I have not experienced elsewhere in our legal services. If you are considering purchasing or selling a property in France I cannot recommend him more highly. He is your man.
Mr MS,
October 2016
David was very thorough throughout the process, and knew to look and ask for elements that we wouldn’t have thought of. He is determined to get the full picture for his clients before they commit to a transaction so they know exactly what they are buying into.
Mr & Mrs E of Sawford, Hants
February 2016
I can confirm that David acted for me in respect of the purchase of a property in France providing procedural advice, contract terms modification, supply of an independent Notaire and general comfort in the translation of technical French into English. I have no hesitation in recommending the employment of David in these respects, who not only shows but operates by the “old fashioned” levels of client care which were once the norm in the legal profession, rather than the “red tape” which is so commonly met with today.
January 2016
Both my wife and I would like to put on record how impressed with the service and care you have taken with the buying of our first property in France , all the information you gave us was simple to understand ,I was very grateful to find someone like yourself to guide us through the whole complicated process, as all the documents are in French, I was also impressed at how quickly you returned our phone call with numerous questions, nothing seemed to much trouble and your attention to detail was great, the whole process was smooth and easy to follow ,we would both recommend you to anyone buying a property in France as the service was second to none and will be using your services again on our next venture aboard. Once again thank you for all your help and legal guidance with the law in France as it seems to differ from how we approach things in England.
Mr and Mrs SG of Devon
December 2015
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We offer a 20 minute free consultation

Call David Barney now on 01458 270296 or 07766095865 for a free discussion of your legal requirements. David is a UK based solicitor that specialises in French property and inheritance law.

What our clients say…

"My wife and I contacted David Barney in October 2017 as we wanted to sell a property in France, which had serious legal issues with regards to beneficiaries after a colleague’s death. We can confirm that David has been a great asset in fighting our corner and I would go as far as to say that David’s knowledge of French Property Law is probably more extensive than Notaires based in France. In our case, I am positive that if it had not been for David’s knowledge and know how, we probably would not have been able to proceed to a successful completion and sold the property.

I would have no hesitation in strongly recommending that you contact David Barney in the event that you have a property in France that you may wish to sell or that you may be considering purchasing a property in France.

He will provide you with all the information required and will give you every assistance in ensuring that you have the right advice in any proposed transaction."
Mr and Mrs AP of Somerset, July 2018

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